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To make an online booking, please enter to our booking page and select first from whether your trip to the airport or to the airport is to be performed. Then enter the details for your journeys (date, place) then select from the available vehicles from the desired (here is him already the price of the ride / s displayed).

Under Step 2, enter your personal details (name, email, phone number).

Under Step 3, you must enter details about your trip (place from the hotel / holiday, flight number, arrival, departure time).

Under Step 4 You must specify the names of all travelers.

On the last page you will get an overview of statements made to see before you submit to us, you can make your reservation / booking still select whether you want to pay in cash to the driver or by Paypal. After submitting the form you will receive within 10 minutes your travel documents to your e-mail address you entered (if you do not receive e-mail, look under your Spam mailbox or contact us at info@online-rezervasyon.com).

We wish you a great holiday!