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Antalya and Gazipasa Airport Transfers (AYT) Antalya Airport Shuttle

Enter your flight booking possible changes relating to the administration panel, we recommend that you apply the changes. You can review your reservation by entering the My Bookings section, you can change, you can cancel or put on hold.

How do I find you at the airport?
Our officials are waiting for the completion of the next exit door luggage and customs, in the hands of Paradise Transfer logo will wait for you with a sign.

What should I do when I can not find the officer?
If you can not find our staff; It will try to communicate with a mobile phone. Therefore, open your mobile phone when you are available. Booking form specified under the state of emergency contact with staff on the phone. + 90 507 504 27 45

I have to pay another fee than the specified price?
No, you will pay a fee beyond the cost of the specified transfer.

What should I do if I can not be at the meeting point of the transfer clock or passed on my plane?

Shuttle service; After 40 minutes there you do not do your transfer time; You have the option to use later as a free service. To do this, you will not be charged any fees. If you do not want to wait for the next shuttle, private transfer service is available for a fee. You can find out by calling the emergency phone at the bottom of the details of the booking form for the next service.
Private and VIP transformers are; Extra fee will be prompted for a possible delayed arrival airports during your trip. Our arrival time in your car will be there to meet you. If your plane landed in normal time, you can not be reached by telephone and we do not find you at the meeting point; After 55 minutes of waiting time to leave the airport and staff are non-returnable transfers will be canceled. Therefore, in case of any delay please phone / message / Notify your status by email.

Please note the following; After running late we will continue to stand with you and you can be sure we will not leave you helpless at the airport.

How you will receive payment on my credit card?
Prices are asked when booking with which you want to buy foreign currency. Therefore, please select the type of currency you use your credit card. For example; If you use a credit card USD based prices and prices will be charged to your credit card is only displayed when you select USD. If a type of currency exchange different types of sites used in our credit card collection is done at the rate which was applied by the bank.

Possible cases:
Adverse weather conditions, traffic jams and so on. From the moment we can not understand the reasons for performing your transfer will be given to you as soon as possible. Therefore, the mobile phone number you have written is correct, please check the form.

Last Minute Booking Offers;
Some airports demand for last-minute reservations are not accepted online at our website. Last minute transfer, please submit your request using the contact form. You can be sure that we will use all our means to help you. To learn about the time of reservation requests, please visit Last Minute Deals> Airport page.

How much should I tip?
Your satisfaction rate with the service you receive at your own discretion grant bet. Please note; After purchasing the transfers you do not have to pay any other charges.

What are the tools you use in transfer?
Tools we have used the airport in transfer rates> enter the airport you can examine the page.

Pricing for children;
Babies who are between the ages of 0-2 years, 3-11 years of age who fall into the range of children's category. Children older than 11 years should be chosen as adults.

Transfer with pets;

Minübü of the service; And transfers to the service minübü can have pets that are lighter than 5 kg. Heavier than 5 kg are not allowed to pet shops shuttle. Your pet can travel only within the transport box. Please be sure to take the necessary measures to ensure that your pets do not disturb other passengers.

Special and VIP transfers; The tool you have made a reservation with limited luggage capacity. As long as the place in the car is not important for us that how many pet cages.

To live a hassle-free transfer please read the information below!

For our customers to go to the airport; We Domestic (Domestic) flight at least 1 (one) hour, International (Overseas) in flight at least 2 (two) hours in advance at the airport Please note that you need to be. We advise you to choose your receipt of this notice by the clock.

For our customers we get from the airport; suitcase and customs (if coming from abroad), we would like to remind you that the process takes time as well. Therefore, you will select your time at the airport, adding that time.

During the time of booking to avoid any problems meeting at the phone number or receipt of full and complete responsibility of the customer to be notified of, otherwise it will not be held responsible for any problems encountered Paradise Transfers. Please Deals> Examine the page to learn about the airport meeting point at the airport. In case of any problems, please contact the emergency number indicated at the bottom of the booking form.

Transfers under the influence of alcohol or drugs Paradise or endanger the driver and the passenger of the vehicle has the right to transport security.

Tobacco and smoking in our vehicles.